A few words about ctr.me.uk team

We're a professional SEO team from small country named Bulgaria. Country is inside European Union, we work hard, but for cents. This is the reason to offering services worldwide - our market is very small. Don't forget: Bulgaria is in TOP 10 in MOZ 2014 SEO Industry Survey. Yes, we have many SEO experts in our country. So, why not outsource your SEO services in Bulgaria?

Who are our CTR experts?

The main company name and owner of ctr.me.uk website is “3D Web Design” – 8 years company, organizer of Joomla Day events in Bulgaria, SEO services provider, developer of online SEO tools, Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins. Our team consists of six professionals, to find out more about us, please, open our “team page”. Main SEO expert and 3D Web Design CEO is Eduard Dimitrov – Google+ profile.

To see some short list with some of our greatest clients, please, check our “clents page”.

Some Facts About 3D Web Design


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