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ctr and traffic factors in google

CTR as ranking factor in google 2015

ctr.me.uk Services and Click Through Rate – General Questions and Answers: FAQ

What is CTR?

CTR stands for Click Through Rate.

Why Click Through Rate is important?

CTR and traffic data are measured by Google and are part of Google ranking algorithm – in 2015 CTR and traffic data are with more than 8% weight in Google algorithm. Click Through Rate affects your Adwords Quality Score and your rankings in Google. Better CTR = better ranking in Google!

Where can I read more about Click Through Rate?

rand phishkin ctr experiment
You can read more about weight of traffic factors and CTR in Google algorithm in many authority websites like:

udi manber from google about ctr

What is Google Adwords “Quality score” parameter and how to optimize?

Quality Score: Definition in Adwords help. “Quality score” of Google Adwords is parameter based on your CTR and your page and ads quality. Due on higher CTR (higher Quality score) you can pay less money and your ads will be shown more often.

How to improve my website CTR?

You can try to improve yourself your website C.T.R with On-page SEO or you can order CTR Optimization services in our website. The best results are achieved with combination of both ways.

How our CTR optimization service works?

You order and pay for our service online. After ordering, we will start immediately your campaign. Due on your subscription plan you will receive certain number of searches in Google and clicks on your result with visits from min. 1 minute.

Is your optimization service safe?

Our service is 100% safe. We don’t click on any ads! We search in Google and click only on organic results – only on your result. After clicking on a link to your site, we stay on page about 60 to 120 seconds, then we click on one more page and stay again on the page about 60 seconds.
higher ctr benefits

How Google does not recognize this activity?

Google recognize this activity as standart users interest to your site. We search from many IP’s (over 1600), from different C-class IP’s, different OS, different browsers and in different search engines: google.de, google.com, google.it, google.co.uk and many more. Due on this diversification Google count all of this as higher interest to your site and as normal traffic.

Possible search engines (for every keyword):

1. google.com
2. bing.com


1. United States
2. United Kingdom
3. Ireland
4. Australia
5. Canada
6. Germany
7. India
8. New Zealand
9. Switzerland

Payment and Plan Questions

How much costs your services?

Our subscription plans starts from $12 Monthly. You can see prices of active plans and can order from our Order and Pricing page.

What is included in your Start Plan?

Standart Plan cost $12 monthly. You will got subscription for 30 days, 30 Searches Per Day, 900 searches total. You must send us two keywords (or two key phrases) and one or two links from your site. Number of searches can be in any ratio between your 2 keywords.

What is included in your Standart Plan?

Standart Plan cost $28 monthly. You will got subscription for one Month, 90 to 100 Searches Per Day (random number), about 3000 searches monthly. You must send us to ten keywords and from one to 10 links from your site. Number of searches can be in any ratio between your keywords.

Are you accepting strange keywords and languages?

Your keywords can be in any language, in any niche. We accept keywords from adult niches including gambling, adult, porn, sex, casino, poker and all others. There is only one requirement: your site has to be already ranked in Google for these keywords in Top 100 results!

In fact for adult niches our service even gives higher results, becouse possibilities of such websites for link building are more limited and Google gives more importance to C.T.R. and traffic statistics!

What results can I expect?

You will see immediately lower bounce rate, more clicks and higher CTR rate in your Google WebMaster account and in your counter – Google Analytics or other. Due on your keywords and competition you can see higher position in Google SERP after several days. Our CTR service will help you to rank your site better, but not drastically. You can expect small changes, for example from position 5 to position 2 or from position 12 on position 7-8.

You can see here example for ranking changes of coffee website – screenshot is from Serpstat.

Or see this CTR campaign history:

organic search traffic with higher ctr
1. On 25-th Mart 2018 is campaign start.
2. One month after, website have significant more visibility in Google and more organic search traffic.
3. Campaign end is on 28-th August.

When I will see changes in my rankings?

You will see results in Google SERP fast – after about one week. There is no warranty when you will see higher positions. Our tests show us better ranking results in first one week.

What you recommend, what are the best keywords for my CTR campaign?

We always recommend to search NOT for any keyword. The best results are achieved when searching for your brand, your domain or for part of your domain name.

For example if your domain is “MyKeywordInNewYork.com” you will got best results with searches like “MyKeyword”, “MyKeywordInNewYork” or with exact domain as keyword – “MyKeywordInNewYork.com”. In this way, after about month, your domain will have great chances to be included in Google suggest and when users start to type in search box “MyKeyword…” will see as suggestion your domain. This will drastically improve user trust in your site and your Click-Through-Sale ratio.

Can I see some examples?

Yes, you can see screens and more examples in our How it Works page. There are posted screens from rankings, from GWT and counters from TWO different CTR optimization campaigns.

Working With Our Team

How can I pay?

Payments are processed for now only over Paypal. After clicking on “Subscribe” button, you will be redirected to Paypal. You can pay in Paypal with Paypal account or with credit card. Payment is with price for first month due on desired from you plan (12 or 28 USD monthly).

How fast are orders processed?

After your payment we will contact you in the same business day. You must send us your keywords and link(s) and we will start your order.

How can I ask for support?

You can ask us any question related to our services and we will answer you in the same business day (usually in 1-2 hours).

Can I change my keywords and links?

You can change your keywords or links to once monthly for Start Plan and to two times monthly for Standart Plan.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Of course you can cancel your subscription at any moment. To do this you must visit “My preapproved payments” page in PayPal. Login in your PayPal account and visit url: www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/customerprofileweb?cmd=%5fmanage%2dpaylist

You have more questions?

Contact us, we will answer of all your questions.